21 June 2013

celebrating six.



You know you celebrated six in style when you could hardly keep your eyes open at the end of the day. I planned this post for last night, the night of Joshua's actually birthday, but I didn't even make it through our movie. Neither did Joshua.

As a birthday tradition, Josh woke up to a room decorated with banners, balloons and streamers. He then got to pick what he wanted for breakfast, and why wouldn't you pick "Hulk" green crepes stuffed with yogurt and fruit? After our breakfast and morning presents session we packed up for the day and headed to the pool. We swam, we splashed, we hit golf balls (well, I didn't), we ate. We were overcome with exhaustion! But somehow the kids and I managed to head out for dinner to the restaurant to visit dad since he had to work. Our night continued on a little later than planned, but we were having so much fun running around I didn't even care. We headed home to fall into our pj's, cuddle on the couch and doze off to a movie.

Turning six isn't too bad, especially when you celebrate all day long!

We have a big birthday bash lined up for Sunday. A party with little friends, a party with family. A sleepover with cousins. I can't wait to share the pictures with you.


  1. Happy birthday sweet Joshua!! What an amazing day. You really are a super mom!! Six is such a fun age!

    1. This weekend really wore me out! I slept ten hours last night. I can't tell you the last time that happened.


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