21 June 2013

hello weekend.




As I type this I have a mental "to do" list running rapidly through my brain. Perhaps I'm procrastinating a bit while I sit here and enjoy sipping on my coffee on a quiet friday night. I'm mustering up the energy to go make twenty treat bags, clean the house, make a super cape for the birthday boy and steam clean the couch because the kids won't stop eating on it!

(Note to self, bring that up at the next family meeting.)

Our house is busier than ever as we prepare for Joshua's birthday party, as I work on Jonas' party in July and as we begin to pack for vacation. Can you believe June is already on the way out? Where is the time going? Where is my summer going?

(Note to self, embrace each day this summer. Don't let it slip away.)

I just wanted to share a few links with you for this lovely weekend. I hope you enjoy yours, I know I will!

If you haven't already heard the news, Google Reader is shutting down on July 1st. You can follow Yellow Finch over on Bloglovin.

Three cheers for my favorite jeans being on sale right now.

I absolutely loved Kelle's post reflecting on her trip to Michigan. It reminded me so much of Ohio and my time spent as a child on the lake waters.

My friend Drea, who just got married (woo hoo), has been sharing her vacation pictures and they are really making me want to travel.

I find Christina's words and images breathtaking.

How amazing does this Food & Wine Classic in Aspen look?? It has our name written all over it. Thanks Nicole for sharing.

Speaking of food and wine, we have a great Rombauer Vineyards tasting lined up for next week at the restaurant. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend because I'll be hanging with the kiddos at their swim meet, which I don't mind at all!

And lastly, some blogs I am loving: one, two and three.


  1. Her little face! I love it! Embrace the summer, yes! I need to chant this in my head. :)


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