04 June 2013

finding surprises.


Today is my birthday.
Thirty four, or something like that.
I remember the days of twenty-five, twenty nine.
I will always remember thirty. The surprise party. The shriek in my voice as I entered a room full of friends and family. Toasting with our favorite IPA's to a year of health and happiness.
I can't remember the last time I had an IPA.
And secretly, I love surprises.

These past years have been filled with health (for the most part) and happiness.

Today was, well, just like any other day.
Swim team practice, lunch with little ones, a quick dinner and off to soccer tryouts.
No surprises.
But that's okay, I'm not thirty anymore. Sometimes we need to save those surprises for special times.
For special occasions.
And sometimes, we need to pass them along.
To surprise an eager six year old with a jump house and snow cone machine on his birthday.
To surprise an eight year old with a room filled with balloons on his birthday morning.

And sometimes we find surprises hidden in our every day routines.
The smile on your husband's face when his first words of the day are "happy birthday darling."
The sparkle in your children's eye when they bring you a cake made of play dough.
When your best friend shows up with two coffees in her hand. Just because.

And sometimes, the surprise come at the end of the day. When you are worn and tired and ready to say goodbye to another year. Another age.
When your husband comes home with a fantastic dinner and wonderful wines.
When the kids are tucked away in bed and you can actually sit down and enjoy a conversation together.
Sometimes, these are the only surprises you need in life.

Here's to another year of health and happiness!


  1. Yay! Happy Birthday! Sounds like a lovely surprise indeed :)

  2. happiest of birthdays! you're gorgeous.

    and this post made me cry! xoxo

  3. Happy! Happy! Happy birthday to you sweet friend!! I hope that you have an amazing, lovely, beautiful, fun day!!! xo

  4. happy birthday!

    not that 34 is old or anything, but i think you look much younger!

  5. Beautiful bittersweet post that recognizes what we all eventually come to as parents, that our purpose in life shifts, that we are not the center of the universe anymore - but we still deserve and need love and it seems like you are getting it wonderfully from your family. Happy Belated Birthday!

  6. How terrible am I?! I totally didn't even wish you a happy day yesterday! Well, here's to a wonderful today, the day AFTER your birthday. Here's to a great new year!! xo

  7. Uninterrupted conversation?? Best. Gift. Ever!! Happiest of birthday's to you!

  8. Oh boy! happy birthday! I hope it was wonderful!

  9. You look absolutely beautiful. Love to you.


  10. Just discovered your blog, happy birthday!

  11. happy belated birthday!!! don't worry, you will get plenty of surprises still. wait until you turn 40! ;)


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