08 July 2013

Drea from Oh Dear Drea

If you read this post from the other day, you'll know that Drea from Oh Dear Drea is one of the first blogs I stumbled across. I don't know what it was about this little lady, but I liked her. Maybe it's her spunk, her unique soul or her dedication to life. Or maybe, it's just that we have, what appears to be, a lot in common. Here are her thoughts on happiness.


I think you can find happiness where you look for it. It's in the small and big things and in the places you least expect it. I'd like to think that happiness just finds you, but the reality is, sometimes we have to work for it (really hard for it)--- we're not just going to stumble upon it. We have to call upon it and ask our mind to stop there in those little moments of joy and appreciate them. It's about taking ourselves out of that negative space and saying "I don't need this" and putting our valuable time into places that bring us joy--- real joy, because we can have it anywhere and at anytime.



  1. Real happiness is tricky to find. I feel like it hides in the nooks and crannies of thee smallest, simplest things. Yet most people clutter up their lives with things that block their view of of the little things. They spend hours, weeks, years searching only in the places they can see for happiness. However, things build up, they get overwhelmed and let go of the clutter and realize that the happiness was there all along.

    1. so well said! that's why it's so important to let go. let go of clutter and negative thoughts because once you let go a whole new world opens up!

  2. so, so good. I wish everyone found happiness in the simplicity of every day life. hard to explain. and sometimes hard to realize.


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