05 July 2013

Casey Wiegand. thoughts on happiness.

Thank you Casey for stopping by and sharing some lovely thoughts. Casey is one amazing woman and I have been following her blog for some time now. Her words and photographs are sewn together to illustrate her life, her thoughts, her dreams.



Happiness is in the everyday.
The little moments that creep in throughout your day that years from now we will miss so desperately.
Happiness is the tiny giggles and in the morning snuggles.
It is in the bedtime prayers and the precious little questions asked throughout the day.
It is in their wonder.
It's in tiny baby hands and in the way they smell fresh out of bath.
It is in a peaceful, sleeping babe and in the shadow of a small boy reading strories of adventure to his toy dinosaur.

Beauty.....happiness.....it is all around us.



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  1. I admire Casey for so many reasons, and am a longtime follower of hers, as well.

    Beautiful words, beautiful photos.


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