03 July 2013

Nicole from Rose Runs Wild

Today's post is from an amazing woman, Nicole, who blogs over at Rose Runs Wild. Nicole and I crossed paths not too long ago online and have quickly formed a friendship. I'm hoping, since we live fairly close, we can one day get our families together. Thank you Nicole for sharing your thoughts! Make sure to stop by and see her amazing photography.


Happiness feels good doesn't it? It isn't exhausting or draining. It fulfills you and puts a genuine smile on your face that radiates. I was so thrilled that Elizabeth asked me to guest post and this was the topic. Happiness is something I have been focusing on a lot lately. At the beginning of this year I made a choice that I was going to be happy. Not just kind of happy but completely happy with my life and with myself. I knew that there were many steps, many changes I would have to make to get there but after last year, I was drained and something had to change. I spent too much time being sad, negative, bitter and holding on to things that were not important. The biggest impact has been made by letting go. . .and focusing on being happy and thankful for what I have right now, in this moment in my life.


I realized I was basing my happiness and my value as a person on things that were empty, things I thought I needed to have, things that had no true meaning and in the grand scheme of life, do not matter. I was wanting for things that were unnecessary. That had to stop, immediately. I looked at my life and started listing all of the things that I have to be thankful for each and every day that I could not live without.

My healthy, kind hearted, sweet son.
My fiance who accepts and loves me completely.
My strong, close knit family that stands by me through everything and lives down the street.
My friends who love me for me.
Our home in our favorite part of town, across from a beautiful park.
Our jobs that are secure, provide for us and afford us so much freedom to set our own schedules so that we can enjoy being home, being a family.

Outside of this, does anything else really matter? No, for me, nothing else outside of those things matter. We do not need anything in our lives except for these things we have right now because nothing else can replace these things I am so grateful to have. Life is happy and good if you let it be happy, if you accept the good, are thankful for it and truly treasure it. Happiness is so easy to get to if you just simplify and let go. . .

Thank you so much to Elizabeth for having me here today!




  1. Oh! MY! GOD!!! I know this is so so random but this post is exactly what one of us (sadly we have that sappy gross couple blog) is going through this. Letting go it so so hard but sometimes without it you just drown. I can't wait to show this with him and so beyond happy you found that place again! I can't wait to follow your blog and read your next post!

  2. sorry I commented that wrong, I know this was a guest post but still! love everything about your blog and still excited for your next post :)


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