06 November 2013

A Day In Philadelphia.


Last wednesday we spent the day in Philadelphia. It was a short visit that only allowed us to quickly walk the streets, absorb the architecture, say hello to the Liberty Bell and go out to dinner with friends. We did manage to enjoy a relaxing lunch at Parc; oysters and bloody mary's followed by tuna carpaccio and salads. For a brief moment, if I shut my eyes, I felt like I was whisked away to Paris surrounded by cuisine gourmande and plat du jour. Any dining experience that takes you away, even for a moment, is a fine experience in my eyes.

The "cuisine gournamnde" only continued on as we joined friends for dinner at Osteria. The menu was overwhelming with amazing choices to please any palette, and I may have turned a shy eye to my gluten restrictions. It's hard to say no to a plate of homemade breads placed right in front of you. And sugar? That went out the door with the trio of sorbets that were placed so perfectly at the end of the evening with my hot coffee.

Well Philadelphia, our visit was short and sweet, but we'll be sure to come back soon!

phili 3

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  1. I've never been to Philadelphia, but it looks positively wonderful!


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