07 November 2013

Finding Simplicity and Wearing FabKids.



Do you ever have moments in life that are so close to perfection you want to bottle them up and keep them forever? You want to tuck them away, safe in the depths of the pantry, so they are always around and always safe? The other day just happened to be one of those days. My list of "to dos" was a mile long, but I decided to set aside the work and focus on the important details of the day, like my children. It was one of those days that I turned away from the piles of laundry and kept going, I didn't allow the mess to clutter my mind. I eased into my steps, grabbed my daughters hand and jumped into the afternoon.

Who would have thought that simple adventures in our own yard would unfold into an array of actives. Running in woods, working in forts, swinging on swings and of course, in tradition with fall, collecting colorful leaves that made their way into an old book to be dried and pressed. Tomorrow we'll open the pages, with excitement on our faces, and hope that they are ready. We hope they are ready to be painted and glued and made into magnificent little art that I will proudly hang in my home. And with every step I make down the hallway or through the kitchen, I will glance over at this little art and smile.

jess love







I am learning to let go.
I am learning to embrace the now.
I am learning to turn away from the distractions.
I am learning to live each day to the fullest.



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  1. I am learning these things, too. Lovely post.

  2. I need to make this my mantra. So good mama. You both look absolutely beautiful!! xo

  3. sounds wonderful. sometimes those unplanned days are the best days. love her outfit!


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