20 November 2013

messy mudrooms + fabkids.


When you walk through our door and into our mudroom you most likely will stumble upon piles of shoes, backpacks and coats. I set out multiple baskets (the shoe one, the hat one, the soccer ball one) but all this "stuff" just seems to end up on the floor. In the summertime you will often see a blade or two of grass, in the autumn a few leaves that made their way indoors and in the winter tiny piles of melted snow.

As a parent, I have learned there are some battles you fight and some you let go.

There are moments when I complain and plea about the mess in the mudroom but there are also moments when I smile to myself. At the end of the day or that hectic moment right after school I find myself in this space, alone, and I can't help but laugh to myself. I can't help but think this messy mudroom is the perfect representation of our life. Shoes tossed about, backpacks filled with papers and special projects, hats and gloves to keep us warm, soccer balls and shin guards to keep us active and water bottles to fuel our on-the-go lifestyle.

As I look around this mess, I see those blades of grass or autumn leaves, and rather than get angry I have learned to appreciate. I am grateful for this mess because this mess is my life. Those backpacks and projects are creations made by my children, that sports equipment makes me proud of how hard my boys work, and those shoes, hats and gloves show that I am able to provide for and protect my children.

I have learned to enjoy the little messes in life because sometimes those messes define us; they are a part of who we are and we will always have them in our lives.






*This post is sponsored by FabKids

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  1. Cute gears, he looks great. I love the lens you are using too, gives lovely portrait shots.


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