21 November 2013

mother daughter days.









With the boys in school all day I have special time set aside just for mother daughter days with Jessica. I know that next year she will start a preschool program so I am determined to embrace every moment I have with her. We have our library time, music time, play time, book time and even snuggle in bed fall asleep together time.

We also set aside one day a week for lunch dates. Sometimes they are days when we pack up and head to visit Jon at the restaurant and other days we hit some local lunch spots. And of course, we always stop for hot cocoas before we pick the boys up from school!

Jess is wearing a FabKids dress and leggings.
You can check out more of their fall and holiday trends, for boys and girls, at Fabkids.com
This dress quickly became a favorite, but she had a little stubborn spell and didn't want to take off her coat. I'll make sure to share it it another post. Thank you for supporting FabKids who helped make this post possible.


  1. These days sound absolutely amazing and it totally warms my heart to read this. This time with her is so precious. I'm so glad you are taking advantage of every moment of it! :) <3

  2. i loved the photos and her dress!

  3. that dress is too cute! Jess is beautiful. cute photos of her!

    sounds perfect... my son just started preschool this fall (3 full days/week) so i get some 1-on-1 time with Amelia now which is nice. she's a little young to enjoy lunch dates, i think, but we also have all next year, too! the only thing is now i find i rarely get 1-on-1 time with roman. it's so hard to balance! ahhh, c'est la vie when you're a parent, though, right?

    how old is jess?

    lovely post :)

  4. such sweet pictures and such wonderful times you will never get back again. not the same way. love the shoes. i grabbed them for Lily as a little Christmas present. hope they fit


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