06 December 2013

a visit from st. nick + the holiday season.


The spirit of the season blooms gradually with each December day. There is an excitement roosting inside my heart, and even in my soul, that yearns to be released. I feel like a young child, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa, anxious and passionate. But in my older years I await the arrival of something far more grand. The arrival of spirit, the arrival of the season, the arrival of joy found in our home. I await for the arrival of happiness that I find in my children's bliss for this time of year.

I'm determined to stay on top this year. In fact, my goal is to have the shopping finished and wrapped in pretty packages by next Sunday. I'm determined to enjoy time baking with my children. I'm looking forward to making homemade presents for family and friends with the kids (we've got some good ones lined up) and I'm looking forward to catching up on holiday books and movies with bowls of popcorn and cups of hot cocoa.

I'm really looking forward to getting the house in order and decorated. Once again, we have taken on another project or two. The kid's room are done and the hallway is officially finished, yet we couldn't stop there. Sometimes I wonder if we have a problem, we are constantly fixing up, rearranging or making changes to the house! When do you get to the point of sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the home? That's where I really want to be this holiday season. We decided the dining room wasn't really working for our family and our needs. While the dining room set is beautiful (vintage, 1950's amazing condition) it is not practical for a family of five who lives on the go. We also entertain (often) and a small dining room packed with grand furniture didn't work either. We thought this would be an easy project. Pass on the furniture, use an old farm table from my grandma, maybe get a buffet and we would be good to go. It's never that easy, right? Turns out my childhood memories of that huge table nestled in grandma's kitchenette was a bit deceiving. That huge table is actually a very small table that hardly fits our family! So a tiny table and a few random decorations sit in our dining room for the time being.

But a girl can dream. A midcentury buffet that can house the bar and all the china we have accumulated over the years. A sturdy table that can comfortably seat our family plus more. And I would love to have statement pieces to hang on the walls (like this, or this) and an eye catching light fixture.

So, back to reality.
It's the weekend and we are filled with excitement. Tonight I'm setting small potted trees up in the kid's rooms and they get to decorate with all their very own ornaments. It's Friday, which means pizza and a movie. I'll be cleaning and rearranging, hanging garland and the last of the glass bulbs on our tree. I can feel that sprit of the season coming alive!






decorating the family tree // walking downtown last night in the rain // light up downtown // a visit from st. nicholas

*last year I wrote about our tradition of celebrating St. Nicholas. You can read it here.

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