04 December 2013

real life.


This is real life.
Toys tossed about our home, pillows left on the floor after a session of play, blankets piled on couches, children's artwork hung on walls dangling from colorful tape and school projects plastered to the frig.
This is real life.
Laundry baskets lining hallways, dishes drying on countertops, backpacks and shoes stacked high in the mudroom. I always trip on this pile, curse under my breath, and move on with my day.
This is real life.
Little girls dressed in dinosaur costumes, tutus worn together, an old Star Wars t-shirt and a light saber in hand. My daughter in a nutshell.
This is real life.

Last night I spent some time looking through old posts. I often do that, I enjoy doing that. The kids and I sit down and go through our past together, talking and laughing about the good memories we've created. I also noticed a change in my voice, my tone has softened and has become less personal here on this space. I'm okay with that too. Opening yourself up on the world wide web can be some scary business, and personally, it scares me every day. So sometimes I don't open up, I don't delve into details and I don't share every single moment that happens in my life. I like to keep those memories to myself.

But I also don't want to paint a picture that is not true, that is not real. I have a messy home, I don't always fold my laundry, today I sent my son to school with a wrinkled shirt (sorry mom) and we often turn to carryout for dinner (thank you Jon.) We are not Pinterest worthy. And personally, I don't really want to be plastered all over Pinterest. I like to live my simple quiet life and blog a little here and there. What I really like to do is go back in time and look at those posts with my family.
Remember, cherish and treasure.
That is why I blog.

I like my real life.
It's lived in and true. It has personality and character and most of all it has meaning.

With that being said, I would also like to say thank you. I often forget that people come here and actually read what I write and I look at the photographs I take. Thank you for visiting my space, for coming back, for commenting and saying hello. I know I am horrible at replying to comments and emails, for that I am sorry. I guess that's what happens in real life :)


  1. i like your real life too Liz. what i like the most is that it is a happy real life that truly is lived in. i like our real life here in miami too. one of the many things i learned from my mom was that one should not be a slave and miss out on life because of their home. my mom is always cooking and cleaning. she will miss out on experiences because she is neurotic about it. i would rather have the house in a bit of disarray than miss out. xo

    1. thanks claudia! i feel the same about yours, real and true. although, i kinda wish (at times) ours was like yours - located in miami :) i couldn't agree with you more. i'll take a messy house and take out just to find peace and memories with my family.

  2. Replies
    1. xoxo
      so, i miss you! things have been so busy around here. i've been a bit absent from online. we may be due for a chat soon :) over a glass of vino.


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