20 June 2014

don't miss a moment

I know things have been extremely quiet around here. In fact, so quiet that I feel like I hardly even blog these days. Between working hard with Babiekins Magazine (new issue due out soon, yay!), some freelance writing I've picked up and the festivities of summer, I have little time left on my hands. And honestly, that time I do have left is spent absorbing my children and family. Summer is a magical time of the year and I don't want to miss a thing!

I don't want to miss a moment of watching The World Cup, of jumping up and down and shouting with the boys. Of cheering on Brazil, Argentina, EspaƱa or the USA. I don't want to miss a second of the pool time that we tend to take for granted. I want to dive in and splash the time away with my children. I don't want to miss out on roasting s'mores, so we've probably been roasting one too many, but who's counting anyways.

I want to sleep in and wake up to a bed full of little feet and happy faces, a husband who is probably falling off his side and our Bailey dog sprawled across our toes. I want to enjoy the mornings, take them slow, and walk around the garden with my hot coffee in hand.

There are so many wants in life, I need to make sure my focus is on the right ones.
I've slowed down.
I've stepped away.
And I've opened my eyes.

This summer is about enjoying life and those I love.
It's about taking that time to slow down and step away.
It's about absorbing every single moment we have, because I'm learning that those moments go by just too fast.

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