Seven is good

I believe in magic. In creating moments and memories that will last a lifetime. A birthday to a child is one of the most magical moments they will experience. Over the years that excitement dwindles down and eventually it fades. I'll be honest, when my birthday rolls around it almost feels like any other day, except that I am one year older. Something I am not as excited about these days. But to a child? It's everything.

If I can help foster these feelings, if I can somehow add on to the joy that already exists then I am doing my job. A few years back we started the tradition of decorating the kid's rooms on the eve of their birthday. It's one of those traditions that once you start there's no going back. So every year we bring out the balloons and banners, the streamers and in this case, an oversized Darth Vader. For the first time ever, Joshua actually woke up as I was strategically placing balloons all over his room. He sat up, looked at me bright-eyed, smiled and went right back to sleep.

He claims he doesn't remember, but deep down I think he is smiling because he does remember. Let's just hope he remembers and is still smiling thirty years from now. Let's hope I can make these memories and joyful moments last that lifetime.

Happy Birthday Joshua. SEVEN is awesome! Here is your day in photographs.

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  1. Happy 7th birthday to Joshua!! His new hair cut makes him look so much older! You created a beautiful day!!


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