09 July 2015

Pool Parties And Summer Vibes

Summer may be in full effect but the temperamental weather is slow to come around to our expectations. For an Ohio summer, we've seen far too much rain and far too many cool days, but when the sun does come out we take full advantage.

We've managed to sneak in our pool parties and keep the summer vibes flowing. When the sun comes out, the music floats across our yard and we start to dance the day away. Lathered in sunscreen and swimsuits we parade around the neighborhood with our friends, biking or running from house to house to catch the next activity. Sometimes it's our backyard with two large goals strategically placed for a boys versus girls soccer tournament and sometimes we meet at the top of the hill to head to a friend's pool. And sometimes, we just play wherever we land.

"In summer, the song sings itself."
William Carlos Williams

We've created our own songs and we sing them as we move from morning to night. One thing is for sure, we don't need hot sunny days to get us through these months. We need friends and family and good memories to create the true meaning of summer.

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