07 July 2015

Slowing Down For Summer

I am embracing the art of slow living and am doing my best to enjoy every moment of this summer. If you follow along here I'm sure you've noticed my lack of posts. Life has been good and I'm holding onto that goodness with both hands, clenching tightly and firmly. Jonas has been healthy and, well, amazing actually. He ended the spring session of soccer with some of the best playing I've ever seen out of him. He earned straight A's all year even though he missed fifty-two days of school due to his intestinal issues. I know that I'm overdue for an update on his Crohn's and overall gut, but I haven't' had the time to sit down and write through those details yet. And let me tell you, I could write a book!

We have been through so much this year, and it's very important we don't ever forget about that journey. It has changed who we are and how we live. It's also changed our thought process and has made us realize we are our children's advocate when it comes to the healthcare system. We have to be their voice.

We had many battles but I am completely satisfied where we ended up, minus the fact there are so many uncertainties about Jonas' health and his gut.

But right now, life is good and we're slowing down for summer.

We just returned from an amazing, much needed vacation and I'm looking forward to sharing some of the pictures and stories here. These are just a couple from the ferry ride and I have close to 700 others to sort through; a true sign of a good trip!

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