The Day In Photographs, Back To School

We're slowly getting over our back-to-school blues. Honestly, the start of the school season means the start of soccer season, music, ballet and more which leaves little time to fret over the end of summer. Fortunately, we'll have the chance to savor summer just a little bit longer this weekend with a midnight swim party and an outdoor barbecue.

Yesterday was the first day of school for the boys. It was hectic and chaotic, yet filled with laughter and joy.
A successful start to a new season!

7:30am | So many smiles, so little coffee.

12:00pm | Afternoon adventures before grabbing some ice-cream.

3:00pm | Post school downtime.

5:00pm | An early dinner before back-to-back soccer practices (homemade marinara over zucchini noodles).

5:30pm | Late afternoon sun shining through our windows and setting out new school shoes.

8:00pm | Cluttered countertops (they drive me crazy, but it's real life) and goofy faces.

8:30pm | That moment, when they should be in bed but I catch them reading together in the hallway.

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