25 August 2015

The Story of Summer

It seems that each summer is unique in its own way and holds a sense of singularity in time. Even as an adult I can reminisce about that one summer we spent out on the lake, long boat rides over calm waters and sitting still on the docks until I could hear my mother yelling from our house which was nestled on top of the hill. That summer was filled with blossoming friendships, night swimming off wooden docks and sleepovers inside the hot balmy screened-in porch that sits at the back of our house overlooking the water.

Every summer of my childhood tells a different story and these stories have become tiny collections, like luminous sea shells, gathered together in the back of my mind.

jess collage
This summer is no different.

With the stillness of our daily routines, we have weaved together the story of summer. Our story unfolds with children's laughter circling the neighborhood, late night swim sessions in a warm pool, bike rides through the quiet park and running across grass touched gently with the wetness of morning dew.

We found freedom this summer.
We found new friendships through our daily activities.
We found courage to attempt something new, like a front flip off the diving board or a solo kayak ride in the ocean.
We found joy and laughter.
We found the ability to let go and unravel.

“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair...”
Susan Polis Schutz

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  1. Oh my gosh, she's so big!! Beautiful girl, beautiful pictures.

    1. I know!!! She'll be five in October and it breaks my heart. Thanks for the lovely comment :)


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