30 October 2015

Good Reads

And just like that, another week flies by with the blink of an eye. We've been as busy as can be over here wrapping up the end of our soccer season, trying to stay healthy and preparing for Halloween. Since Jonas can't have any of the treats, I've been spending all my spare time in the kitchen loading up on goodies that he can have. Regardless of our dietary requirements and the stress the holidays can bring, we're looking forward to a weekend of fun and relaxation.

Here are some good reads to start off your weekend:

1. Could food additives play a role in the makeup of our gut and chronic diseases such as IBD? This is a huge step in the right direction.

2. If only more people had this outlook on life. We all have problems, we all have stress, but I would rather happily be wrapped around life than wrapped around my problems.

3. My husband came across this article and I love the message, what the journey of sports should teach your children.

4. I'm thinking of making a batch of Fire Cider, a cold and flu remedy.

5. I love this video. I may have had a slight obsession with The Doors when I was in high school and the early college years. Actually, I think I still do…

6. Why study piano?

Photo from our summer vacation. I finally finished going through all 500 of them and will share a few here shortly.

19 October 2015

A Room Makeover For Babiekins Magazine

If you happened to pick up the most recent copy of Babiekins Magazine then these photos may look familiar. I was honored to have Jessica's room featured in print issue six this past summer. Through this wonderful experience I came in contact with several new sources and my view of decor and interior design has been broadened beyond my original scope. I had the opportunity to think outside of the box, to mix and match and get creative.

To view more of this featured room and for a list of full credits you can click here for the original post and click here to purchase your very own issue.

Photography by Mallory + Justin Photography

18 October 2015

A Quick Update

Despite the silence over here, I've actually been working on several posts. A detailed post with an update on Jonas and our journey with his Crohn's Disease, a post on handling stress, a post on creative writing, Jessica's birthday and more. I'm also trying to get organized and post a bit more often over on Babiekins Magazine blog. With our change in lifestyle and clean eating I'll be sharing more "Healthykins" posts over there soon.

In the meantime, I have this super cute photograph to share that makes me smile every time I see it. AND, Tailgate Clothing, an online shop that features vintage and college t-shirts, would like to offer Yellow Finch readers 20% off all t-shirts through the month of October. Make sure to check out the Star Wars t-shirts, just in time for the new release!

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08 October 2015

Today You Are You!

"Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!"
Dr. Seuss

And you are absolutely perfect just the way you are.
You are kind and loving.
You are cautious yet fearless, a trait that comes with having older brothers.
You are silly and quirky with the best laugh around.
It starts deep down inside, working upwards slowly, steady.
And when you don't expect, it shouts its way out.
It shouts pure joy and pure happiness.
It spreads smiles every where we go.
Your joy is contagious, never forget that.
You are gentle and caring.
You are a good friend, a good sister, and an amazing daughter.
You are you.

Maya Angelou once said,“I would like to be known as an intelligent woman, a courageous woman, a loving woman, a woman who teaches by being.” I know that you are well onto your path of becoming this woman, of becoming a confident, intelligent, courageous and loving woman. I know that you will teach and share this message to all who surround you. You may only be five, but your strength already amazes me. Happy fifth birthday my love!

05 October 2015

Jumping Into Autumn


Our days are filled with hints of sunshine and cool, crisp winds that gently dance through the autumn trees. Late at night, when the window is cracked just enough to let the outside world into our bedroom, I can hear the wind talking to the dark evening skies. I can hear a faint rustle of leaves falling slowly to the ground and an occasional animal pitter-patter across the back patio. Autumn is in the air.

October in Ohio is one of the finest around. When the sun makes her appearance and glistens over the multi-colored trees bright hues of gold, orange, deep reds and bold yellows illuminate the horizon. We look forward to these days all year long and when they finally arrive we never want to let go. We stay outside as long as we can; soaking in the morning sun and running hard until bedtime. And on special nights, we light a fire with friends and gather round the soft glow to keep warm and make s'smores.

We're quickly jumping into autumn, but I always wish it could last just a little bit longer. Right now the sun is shining, the leaves are almost in their prime and the park is calling our name. We're adventure bound!

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