27 September 2016

CLOSED A Halloween GIVEAWAY With Sneek-a-Boos & The Shamba Foundation


Meet Boo the bat. Boo is a mischievous little creature who pops up around the home bringing "tricks" or "treats" to your kids during the Halloween season. I'm always happy to embrace a new family tradition and this little sneak-a-boo is a perfect way to engage my children during the autumn months. Boo arrives in a whimsical vintage styled cottage; complete with his story on the back. Boo is made of soft plush material and totes bendable wire ears and wings for adorable positioning. Velcro on the edges of the wings, and small hooks on the feet allow Boo to do what bats do best… hang upside down! In fact, our Boo prefers to sleep right next to Jessica's bed, upside down of course!

Our family has been focusing on the concept of less is more and simplifying as much as possible. When we simplify, life is less complicated and cluttered. With Jessica's birthday around the corner I am reminded that we don't need more cheap, plastic trinkets to fill the house, but rather a few meaningful toys that are well appreciated and, preferably, give back in some way.

Sneek-a-Boos happen to give back to an incredible foundation; The SHAMBA Foundation. The SHAMBA Foundation was humbly started by Steven Kyalo, a member of the Akamba tribe in Kenya. Twenty years ago he single handedly began his quest to help homeless children. As he explains “I was touched by seeing orphaned kids in the slums of Nairobi begging for something to eat.” So I thought , “Let me take these children to my house so I would be able to stay with them and feed them.” This was the beginning of Steven’s one man orphanage.

After some time The SHAMBA foundation developed into a 501©3 non-profit which allowed Steven the ability to obtain the much needed funding to run his orphanage. With every purchase of a Sneek-a-Boo product, a donation will be made to this foundation. So in addition to creating lasting memories, lots of laughter and giggles, a few tricks and treats you are also helping children in need; a concept I can back 100%!

Now for the GIVEAWAY! Sneek-a-Boos would like to offer one Yellow Finch reader their very own little Boo to start a new Halloween tradition! To enter simply follow Yellow Finch on Instagram and leave a comment below OR on either of my Instgram accounts (@elizabethmjacob and @kickncrohns). That's it!

You can read more about the Sneek-a-Boos company and founder, Mindy Haering, over on their website, twitter, Instagram and Facebook page.
Head to Amazon to purchase your Boo.
For more info about The SHAMBA Foundation click here.

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  1. I follow you on IG!
    And I'd never heard of Sneek-a-Boo. That bat is darling!!


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