28 February 2011

Dream Catcher Craft...

The other morning Jonas woke up and told me all about a horrible dream he had.
It's amazing how well he remembered every detail.
I feel so bad for little ones when they have bad dreams,
it seems like that's all they can think about for days.
To help keep those bad dreams out of our beds we made Dream Catchers with supplies from around the house....no trip to the craft store needed!

Step 1.
Find some plastic lids from the recycle bin.
We used yogurt lids { small and large }

craft 1

Step 2. Cut the center out.

craft 2

Step 3.

Use yarn or ribbon and wrap it around the plastic circle.

If you don't have yarn you can always use material cut into thin strips.

craft 3

Step 4.

Use a different { or the same } yarn and wrap it around

the frame so there is a web pattern in the middle.

craft 4
Step 5.

Add ribbon to the bottom of the Dream Catcher. We tied on a couple feathers that we found in the craft bin. You can always make feathers out of paper and have the kids color them in. We also added wood beads. If you don't have any beads you can find anything else from around the house to add to your creation.

craft 5

Step 6.

Hang somewhere close to your bed to keep those bad dreams away!

Note: This is a painting that Jonas did last year. We matted it on paper that matched the room and then framed it with a simple 11 x 17 Ikea frame.

24 February 2011

Winter Enchantment

When I heard that the ArtBeads blogging challenge would be themed "Winter Enchantment" I knew exactly what I was going to do...bold statment pieces with crystals and shades of blue. Those are typically the winter colors I think of, with a little gray thrown into the mix. Yet, when it was time to get to work I wanted to seek out more color. We've had so much ice and snow that I wanted some color to remind me of warmer times.
Simple and Elegant
with a touch of color
Rhodium Plated Chain
Reminds me the ocean waves....

Amethyst, Swarovski Crystal, Smoky Topaz, Quartz ,Sterling Silver Plated Chain

Reminds me of a summer sunset....

Hill Tribe Silver Beads
Rhodium Plated Hoops

Reminds me of the first sign of spring...

Caspia Glass Bead, Swarovski Crystals, Swarovski Crystal Cuplink Chain

Reminds me of mountain clouds...

disclaimer: The beads, chain, and Swarovski Crystals are kindly provided free-of-charge by Artbeads, within the frames of ArtBeads blogging program. Yellow Finch Designs has not received any payment from the company mentioned above. This post is simply a personal review with unique pieces created by Yellow Finch Designs.

19 February 2011

To Market To Market

Last weekend the kids and I packed up and went to Columbus.
Thanks Shannon for letting me stay with you and the new hubbie
AND thanks for letting me bring my kids.
I hope they don't scare you away from parenthood.
They were really on their best behavior.
Joshua says sorry about the broken glass
and the possible fruit bar stains on your nice leather couch.
Good thing I brought four bottles of wine -
and then you went out and bought two more.
The boys loved movie night!
I loved going to the North Market and walking around.
Fresh produce, beer,wine, flowers, pastries, coffee, ice cream, truffles
it doesn't get better than that!

jonas stroller
Is this really a good idea? Letting the kids push the baby?

jons sweets
Wait guys, mommy needs her dark chocolate.
Maybe if we get daddy some he won't notice that I went to Starbucks five times this weekend.

josh grapefruit
Does this count as a serving of fruit?

jonas walking
I know you're busy looking at wine, but mommy look at me.
I'm running around next to this nice beer bottle display.
Mommy, are you there?

jess blue eye
Yes, Jessica. With that look I'll give you whatever you want.
Great Weekend!
Best of all I loved sitting around sipping wine and going through old pictures from college.
Good times. Good times.
I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.
Thanks guys for never telling me my hair was so big.
I mean, it wasn't even the 80's!
spring break
college street
the shuffle
carrie's dollar
the coat chair
derby days
the smurfs
taco bell
and the list goes on
memories forever

Bringing Back Memories ....

I love Ray LaMontagne. This song is so beautiful and brings back so many memories.
Jonas (my youngest) was a fussy sleeper and we would always have to rock,
dance and sing with him.
I ALWAYS had this cd in his room.
I remember holding my little love and dancing to this song in the middle of the night.
There's something about Ray LaMontagne and his mystifying voice
that draws out the emotions.

16 February 2011

{ Purple Passion }

Purple reminds me of:
lilacs, summer rain, plums, Napa Valley, beach sunrises, my grandmother, spring, open fields, Jessica, date nights, lavender, colorado mountains, abalone shells, ocean waves

Enjoy some of the "purple" finds for the day.

He wrapped himself in quotations- as a beggar would enfold himself in the purple of Emperors.

Rudyard Kipling

14 February 2011

♥ Happy Valentines Day ♥

Make this Valentine's Day special with these fabulous Eco-Friendly finds.
Make sure to check out the Team Eco Etsy Blog
Now off to make yummy Peanut Butter Cupcakes for the hubby.
....see below for the winner of today's giveaway....

Eco Friendly Cotton Skirt by Pierogi Picnic
The Rogue in Real Red by Infusion

Be Cool Organic T Shirt by neenacreates

Red Adam Fedora by The Vintage Letter
Love Heart Pillow by Sewn Natural

Red Vinyl Record Cuff by EyePopArt

Capelet by Lorigami

Mi Amor Red Earrings by Yellow Finch Designs

Organic Lily Sash Dress by Ecouturiere
Eco Ring by Green Belts
Red Alpaca Hand Knit Scarf by Knitting Guru
Flower Hair Clip by Bloom Design Studio
Recycled Valentine Red Earrings by Debby Armen Designs

Upcycled Ruffled Wristlet by Karen Myers

Congratulations to Ditsy Gypsy and BeansThings!
You are the winners of the giveaway.

11 February 2011

{ Dear Sweet Husband }

I wish you followed my blog.
You promised to be the 100th follower, but someone beat you.
And now I have 101.
Is it because I took over the walk in closet?
Your closet isn't so bad - next to the washer and dryer and leaky drain.
The old rusty pipes make a good spot to hang dress shirts,
don't you think? The little rust spots come out with lots of Shout.
I'm good at getting those out.
And the vaccum is a great coat rack.

Or is it because of that time I ran into your mom's car,
which was parked on the other side of the street 100 feet away?
I don't speed out of the driveway anymore.
I promise.

It's super easy to follow the blog. I can send you directions if you would like.
You know how you read Mr. Miner's Phish Thoughts every day?
That's a blog too.
You can save mine under favorites by his.
I like Phish too.

jess words

josh words

jonas words
Happy Valentine's Day Sweetie!
Sorry we're leaving you and going out of town.
Date night on Monday?
Oh, btw, there's a few dishes in the sink....think you could put those in the dishwasher?
footnote: my husband is my best friend. he rocks.

09 February 2011

Vintage Finds for the Week

So Jessica and I headed out yesterday in search of some vintage finds.
Considering the cold cold (did I mention cold) weather and time constraints we didn't do too shabby. I'm hoping to have everything up on my etsy store soon.
Perhaps tonight.
Or perhaps I'll grab a glass of wine
and perhaps I'll lay on the couch and watch a little Stargate Universe.
Don't judge, my husband did this to me.
I heart SGU.
You should try it - good show. No lies.

floral tray 2

Even though this tray is worn and weathered I love it.
You just KNOW that it has a great history.
It longs for a nice home.

flower mug 2

This would be great for makeup brushes
or paintbrushes
knitting needles
you name it

floral ashtray

bracelets with blue

ok...these I may keep.
bracelets with green

Or maybe I'll keep these.
Bright colors are great for summer.

animal glass 2

This is my favorite find.
Vintage Milk Glass.
How cute would this be in a little one's room?

maxwell glass
Someone I know collects old cars and tractors.
Like the real ones, not miniature models.
This reminded me of them so I had to get it.

btw: listening to Thievery Corporation
You should check them out.