26 February 2013





"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Jonas: A small moment captured after school.
Joshua: Sipping warm vanilla milk on a brisk winter night.
Jessica: A small girl caught in translucent light.

Thank you Jodi for hosting this Portrait series.

24 February 2013

sunday stills. photo 8


A single photo once a week.
To capture my emotions, to sum up the days.
To collect my thoughts and hold them in my hands.

Every Sunday, one photo.

On this Sunday: Sometimes we capture pure joy. In the form of a photograph, a letter, a poem, a video, a memory. When I see the look of pure joy in my children's eyes, when I hear happiness in their laughter, I know where I belong. I know why I have been placed on this mysterious land called earth. I know my destiny is to guide their innocent souls to greatness, greatness in the form of pure joy.

Emily from The Beetle Shack does a weekly link up Sunday entitled Stills: A Weekly Collection. Head on over there to check out some beautiful weekly stills from other bloggers.

23 February 2013




Recently... our days have been so busy and they are about to become even busier as spring unfolds. I just signed the kids up for swimming. Wait, let me rephrase. I just signed all three kids up for three different swimming classes on three different days. Phew! The boys start outdoor soccer soon and Joshua wants to play t-ball at the same time. Sure, why not, I say. Two music classes a week, cub scouts happens almost every other week and Lego Club on wednesdays. Between all these sessions I manage to squeeze in workouts and manage a household, as do so many other amazing mamas out there. Round of applause to us!

Recently... I wonder why I'm always tired.

Recently... we decided to finally join the YMCA. I'm excited to get it into gear and get in shape. I haven't talked about this, but I've a hard time getting back to my old body after having Jessica. It's kinda weird actually, I'm happy with my size and weight, but things have, well, changed. Moved. I have new trouble zones that I really want to focus on. And let's just say these chocolate chip scones I just made aren't helping.

Recently... I caved and let the kids buy a lego. Another lego. Sometimes, it's okay to cave and be the cool mom. Sometimes I feel like I'm the mom who always says no (no tv, no video game, no candy, no this no that) so it feels good to be the mom who says yes.

Recently... I've been concentrating on the Paleo diet. By no means can I eat Paleo all the time, but I certainly feel good when I do. I stumbled across this site that has wonderful recipes. The pumpkin coconut custard is awesome and tomorrow we're trying one of the frittatas (with the scones) for brunch.

Recently... Jon and I just finished American Horror Story, but I'm a little scared to start the next season. So much scarier! And, should I be watching Downton Abbey? I can't help but notice everyone is talking about it, and even my parents are watching it.

Recently... I'm remembering how easy it was for Jon and I to pick up on a whim and travel when and wherever we wanted. Before kids, of course. The first years of Bonnaroo were a no brainer. Driving to Vermont to see Phish, why not! I would sure love to go to Bonnaroo this year. Have you seen the line up? We're hoping, praying, that maybe, just maybe, we can make the All Good Music Festival. Rumors are that Phish is headlining and it's here in Ohio!

Recently... I've been thinking a lot about blogging and social media and how I want it to play a part in my life.

Recently... I've been feeling guilty about not responding to comments and emails. I am so sorry! This is something I really need to work on. At the end of the day I have such little time, and I don't work on my blog during the day when the little ones are around. Which means once they are asleep my to do list is a mile long. Last night I planned on conquering that list, but I fell asleep while putting the kids to bed! My pet peeve is when people don't respond, not necessarily to comments on blogs because that's tough, but to twitter and instagram. So many times I have reached out to others who seem like minded and who I believe I would share common interests with, and yet I hear no response. Nothing. Nada. Kinda makes me wonder why I follow them. Like every other aspect of my life, I'm de-cluttering around the social media ends too. So if I accidentally delete you please let me know!! Or, if I never respond to you please call me out!

I'm looking forward to the weekend, to lazy brunches spent with the family, to a big play date for Jonas which means pizza and cookies and rice crispy treats (I better get working on that)to a birthday party on Sunday, to a possible get away to Cleveland for me, and to a late dinner with the hubby on Sunday night. I'm excited to try some new recipes.







I snapped these photos of Jess yesterday after lunch, if the ketchup on the face didn't give that away. She is just too darn cute. There are no words for how my children make me feel.

Happy Weekend!

21 February 2013

Bella Bare Wear. a new line of suits.


I've reached that time in winter when I long for summer days, for the warm sun to shine on my face and the mornings when I pack the kids up and we head to the pool. I am longing for those lazy pool days, melting popsicles, long skirts that blow in warm winds and late evenings spent outdoors on the patio. When Ashley Rose, owner and designer for Bella Bare Wear reached out to me with her new product line I couldn't help but be intrigued by the sudden reminder of summer. Bella Bare Wear offers stylish and functional snap-change swimwear for girls 6month to 4T. Functional and stylish? Sounds like a match for us and any busy family on the go.

They have a three snap crotch in each suit to make diaper changing and bathroom trips easier. They are made from premium UPF 50+ fabric, range in sizes 6month to 4T and matching cover-ups are available. I'm not sure what your summer attire consists of, but we mostly live in our bathing suits. Chances are you'll find us at the pool five days a week, and when we're not there you'll find us in our backyard, running through sprinklers and lounging on blankets for an afternoon picnic.

Bella Bare Wear still has less than one week left of their Kickstarter campaign, that means only one week left for those who haven't heard about them to take advantage of their pre sale only specials starting at $10 off 1 suit! For those with a lot of friends with girls, you are still able to take advantage of their 10 for $20 wholesale option where you will save over 50% on their suits!

You can check out their Kickstarter campaign and order your own suit here.


Just typing this post makes me want to pack up and head to the beach, but instead, we are planning a family ski trip. I know those summer days are right around the corner and I could't be more excited. I hope you take a moment and check out Ashley's great company. We certainly couldn't be productive creative mothers without the wonderful support of the online community.

Visit Bella Bare Wear on Facebook.

This is a sponsored post.

20 February 2013

seeing the light.


Dear Wednesday,
you are always a challenge for me
with your early mornings
rushing about the kitchen
rushing out the door.
Today we made it to school on time.
But today I struggled to shake the sleep
that haunted me throughout the day.
I've been avoiding coffee,
but I broke down this afternoon.
I needed to brake down.

Dear Wednesday,
you are always a challenge for me
with your lego club that falls at nap time.
I carry little Jessica around
like a new accessory with stained clothes and unbrushed hair.
We never seem to have great outfits on Wednesday
I usually let the kids dress themselves,
but only on Wednesday.
Today Jessica wore a sweater with mismatched pants,
and a headband with three barrettes in her unbrushed hair.

Dear Wednesday,
you are always a challenge for me
especially when Cub Scouts falls the same time as music.
We rushed this morning
we rushed this evening.
Through a quick dinner I thought I planned,
but nothing is ever planned.
Spilt milk is never planned
Dogs eating grilled cheese from children's hands is never planned.

Dear Wednesday,
you are always a challenge for me,
but I can see a new day slowly approaching.
I washed the floors and packed the lunches
and now I think I'll bake a custard.
A pumpkin coconut custard to be exact.

I hope you enjoyed your Wednesday. I always enjoy mine, but they always challenge me.
Sometimes we need a good challenge in life to help us see the light.
To help us breathe
to help us slow down
to help us find patience and balance.

18 February 2013





"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Jonas: Always striving for knowledge.
Joshua: Opening his heart to the world.
Jessica: Quietly observing her surroundings.

Thank you Jodi for hosting this Portrait series.

our day in photographs.

















Our Saturday in photos.

morning help / saturday brunch / work / a flight of milk / working on writing / working on reading / more reading / listening / napping / and even more reading / a clean kitchen / a crazy haired girl / new finds / bath time / a night out / a snowy evening to end our saturday

There is something about spending a long weekend tucked away inside your home. In the cool of this winter it felt so good to spend that time indoors with my little ones. We played games, we played cds (because our record player is broken) and we cooked up a feast. And while the kids played on their own and napped I cleaned and caught up on laundry. I even snuck out on Saturday (thank you Nana Barb!!) for a quick thrifting trip and happily came home with a load of goodies. And on top of that I even got a run in!

We spent Saturday evening hanging out with my parents over good food and some post dinner coffee and greek pastries. After arriving home and settling everyone down for the night our sitter came over and I headed down to meet Jon for a late dinner. While I was really hoping to lounge on the couch, sip green tea, and catch up on American Horror Story or watch Beasts of the Southern Wild I found motivation and headed out. I relaxed over some good conversation with Jon and caught up with some family and friends.

Sunday brought us another winter day for hiding inside, and that's exactly what we did. We built legos, played Jenga and Dominos, read our books and took warm baths. We spent the evening hanging out with my sister and brother in law, who live up the street from us, and watching a movie with the kids. I decided to make this coming week a "no tv week" so we ended with a family movie tonight.

There's no school tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to hanging out with the kids. It's lunch at the restaurant and maybe hitting the bookstore. I am SO proud of Jonas for reading chapter books that I may need to treat him to a new book. I hope you enjoyed your weekend, whether it was long or short, and hope the week treats you well.

17 February 2013

sunday stills. photo 7


A single photo once a week.
To capture my emotions, to sum up the days.
To collect my thoughts and hold them in my hands.

Every Sunday, one photo.

On this Sunday: By no means my best photograph, but I captured the essence of the moment. The laughter that traveled around the room and quickly landed in this little nook. This hidden corner where three children played into a land of happiness.

15 February 2013

absorbing time.





The other day I picked up my Jessica and was hit with the realization that I no longer have a baby. I no longer have a child that is completley and utterly dependant upon me as a mother. I have a toddler. A small child who will only continue to grow and change and need me in different ways. I have a child who dresses herself, who brushes her own teeth and who talks in full sentances. I search and I search, but I just cannot figure out where time went. Where my baby went.

As a mother, I will always be needed, but those needs change. They twist and they turn and are always finding a new path. I am happy to embrace these changes. I am happy to to fill this new role, but I can't help but dwell on the past and cherish those moments of babyhood. That first smile, the first coo and giggle. That first time rolling over and the excitement that consumed me to the point of jumping up and down, clapping and squealing like a kid in the middle of a sugar rush. Babies will do that to you. They'll take you to a new level. A new level of excitement and most certainly a new level of love.

I'm afraid there are no more babies lined up for my future, unless God has another plan. I would be lying if I told you that secretly I wish He did. But the chances are I have been blessed with three amazingly awesome children and no more. I cannot dwell on what I don't have. There's no time for dwelling. What I can do is absorb time. Embrace every moment I have because they are constantly changing and metamorphosing into something grand. My children are growing before my eyes and it is my job to be there in any way I can through every single phase.

And that's exactly what I plan on doing.









14 February 2013

happy valentine's day.


On Valentine ’s Day
let me take you for a ride
let me show you the world.
Come with me, sweet friend
we have nothing to hide.

When I was a child I eagerly awaited for Valentine’s Day to arrive. Growing up in Ohio usually meant a chilly wintery holiday that was instantly warmed with x’s and o’s that were passed around. The excitement in the air hung above our heads and, at times, I felt I could pluck it with my fingers and tuck it away in my pocket. There was something about handcrafting each valentine, writing each card with such precision and choosing the colors and stickers to pass out to classmates and friends.

After school, I would rush in the door, toss my shoes in the air and throw my body on the carpet. My cards and treats became a mountain of endless words and messages that I always dove into head first. I cherished those moments. Those notes.

If I look hard enough I may be able to even find one today. But if I can’t, I know that a feeling of excitement still lingers around Valentine’s Day. I always know that I can reach up and grab something to hold onto.


I wrote this post for the STORYKINS article over on Babiekins Magazine Blog. Make sure to read the current online issue of Babiekins. It is absolutely amazing, the photography is gorgeous and I have a short poem featured in this edition. You can read it here.

12 February 2013

Guest Post. Gina Munsey

Bodega Bay, CA

On this edge of the Pacific, the world is immense, cold, moonlit, watched by great rock faces standing motionless above the frothy pools, a cloak of grey fog around their rugged shoulders.

And it's so beautiful.

When I'm under these thin flannel clouds, which twist over and around and through the cypress trees which hug those northern ocean roads we drove on our honeymoon, I always feel that the coast is hiding a piece of my heart.

There can be years between the coast and I, but each time I'm home again, all of my heart jumps to life. It jumps to life and dances here, here on this cold coast, on the craggy beaches, across the harbor from the great stone cliffs, where the tiny houses hang on the edge and the front porch lights sparkle between Orion and the highway below.

I can’t stay forever.

(But I'm quite certain no other corner of the world holds my heart the way you do.)
Gina Munsey of Oaxacaborn, a Californian who currently resides in Florida, wrote this little snippet over Christmas break on her home coast. Thank you Gina for sharing your beauitful words.

11 February 2013





"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Jonas: Faster and faster. Zooming by and out of sight.
Joshua: A moment to rest while playing the day away.
Jessica: Her eyes are swimming like an open sea, always full of wonder and curiosity.

Thank you Jodi for hosting this Portrait series.