30 April 2011


Today I wanted to share with you this lovely giveaway hosted by I go by Katie. I love Katie's blog and make sure to visit it everyday. She is one talented lady whose style and taste emerges through her words and photographs. Thank you Katie for sharing these beautiful images paired with your creative talent.


For information on how to enter click here.

1.A charming custom burlap decorative state pillow from Local Honey.
2.A set of handmade fabric magnets from Marnie of The Nan That Can.
3.A Louise on the Road handmade coloring book from Louise Designs.
4.A variety bundle of handcrafted bangles from Tumbleweeds Odd Shop.
5.A gold plated pendant and a yellow sakura charm necklace from Yellow Finch Designs.
6.One of Sarah of A Lost Feather's fine art prints entitled "The Star Gazer" (6x10")

Vote ONCE a day until May 9th!

29 April 2011

Run Away Dog...

Well, today I was going to roll out my new weekly Eco-Friendly Friday post BUT that has now been delayed until next friday. Sometimes life with three children brings the unexpected...ok who am I kidding...you never know what your day will be like with three kids.

Today mine consisted of one sick mama, two fighting boys who lost their listening ears and a little baby who just wants to crawl. Since our day never seemed to end we decided a movie night would be the best ending. As I locked up the house to go to the local Red Box...and maybe Starbucks...I realized I couldn't find the dog. Seriously, who doesn't realize that their dog wasn't in the house for over an hour? A mom of three that's who! So the kids and I piled into the car and drove around for AN HOUR looking for little lost Bailey.

Finally, some nice beer drinking neighbors a few doors down spotted him in the bushes. Yes, I was that crazy lady yelling at my dog as I threw him in the car. Wait, I wouldn't do that....he weighs too much! Oh no, it doesn't end there. It was now dark and cold and I had to go home and give this crazy dog a bath because apparently he took a dip in a pool of mud!

No trip to the Red Box makes kids unhappy. No trip to Starbucks makes for one mad mama. A little Star Wars, homemade iced coffee and cuddle time made us all feel better....except for Bailey. He's in the dog house.


Did I mention that our dog is on anti-anxiety medicine?

28 April 2011

Small Style No. 3








Somebody was very distracted while I tried to take pictures! All Jessica wanted to do was play with the grass and her bracelet. She loves discovering new objects and the touch and feel of different textures.
Jess is wearing: outfit by Baby Lulu
bracelet made by Yellow Finch Designs
bow from Once Upon a Child
bunny from Peace Toys

I link up with Morgan over at Mama Loves Papa for this great Small Style feature. Make sure to swing by and visit her lovely blog!

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27 April 2011

Mama's On the Go { Simple Outfits }

Now that I have three little ones running around I've noticed that I don't have much time to get ready. As the days get warmer and become summer I'll be turning to simple simple styles! Think short dresses with sandals, skirts and tees, and lots of hats to protect my face from that summer sun. I'm also not one to carry a traditional diaper bag, so I'll need a new large (um..extra large) tote to carry all summer.
Here are a few pieces I have my eye on...
Picnik collage

1. hat by Topshop 2. dress by ModCloth 3. bag by Topshop
4. shoes by Toms

26 April 2011

Art Show Love

Remember a couple weeks ago when I attended that Art Show? Well, I scored some awesome items and wanted to share them {and the fabulous artists} with you. Make sure to click on the links and visit their sites. I am SO happy with everything I came home with. I'm ready to go back for more....


This little guy is so cute. He made it into Jessica's Easter basket. Of course, he's too small for a toy, but he has a little nest on her dresser out of harms way.
Cicada Valley Studios


I think I'll use this little bag to toss into the diaper bag to hold odds and ends. I love it because it's made from vintage material.

Mary Moon Designs


A perfect little pouch for a mama on the go!

Mary Moon Designs


The boys and the hubby stopped by to say hello and this little zippy bag caught Jonas' eye. He now stores his little (and I mean little)Star Wars legos in here.

Mary Moon Designs


I knew from the moment I saw this painting I was going to hang it in Jessica's room. It was such a pleasure meeting Gina. Make sure to visit her lovely blog. We've now become online friends....I love it!

La Belle Avenue


I love that this stamped log is so unique and rustic. Right now I have him nestled amoung my camera collection, but he may make his way to the fireplace. I also have my eye on a couple more items from this great store.

The Canton Box Co.


Meet my new kitchen towel....one that will never be used because it is just too pretty to get dirty! It's made with vintage chenille. I also ordered two diaper covers for Jess with the flower on the butt...I can't wait to put them on her!

Baby Ewe

Yummy Vegan Banana Bread

Now...I just have to show you WHY I don't take photos of the kids at night. Clearly they get WAY too wound up and then don't go to bed, which means mama doesn't get work done.
But we did have lots of fun...and that's all that matters.
silly boys

25 April 2011

Our Easter Sunday....














Personal Note: Please tell the Easter Bunny that lots of candy and light sabers DO NOT MIX and may result in injury.
Also, it's time for mama to get out her tripod. I'm always the one behind the camera and never end up in any photos...now that the weather is better that will change.

And as another note, Joshua was lovin the camera this sunday. He was in almost EVERY picture. Poor Jonas....I really had to search for pics of him.
How was your Easter? I would love to know.

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Top 25 Kids Style

So, I got off to a really late start on this because I just stumbled across the link the other day....but I would love your vote!


Jessica says THANK YOU.

22 April 2011

Keepin it Green {Happy Earth Day}

Today I used items from the recycle bin for crafts.
Today I didn't do laundry.
Today I brought my own mug to the coffee shop.
Today I made sure to carry scraps out to the compost bin.
Tonight we read about our Earth.
Tonight we talked about what we can do tomorrow.
What did you do for Earth Day?

Enjoy these lovely finds from the fabulous Team ECO ETSY
Market Bag

baby blankets

children's tshirt


floppy hat

shopping bag

....keepin it local....


Small Style No. 2

Yesterday was such a sunny beautiful day, and it was also my hubbie's day off so it was extra special. In the late afternoon we packed up the family and headed to the park. While the boys hiked in the forest and played in the mud Jess and I had a little photo shoot. I forgot my camera bag, but Jess is such a cutie that it didn't matter. She loved soaking up all that sun and the cool spring breeze put giggles on her face.







The boys were too busy playing to sit for photos, but I managed to snap a few.



Joshua....future disc golf champion


Parenting Advice 101....make sure you DO NOT loose sunglasses in the park. You don't want to know the consequences....it involves lots of tears and many meltdowns.

Jessica is wearing: Gap dress {thrifted}, Gap sweater {hand me down}, zuzii headband as a belt

Joshua is wearing: Target pants, The North Face fleece {a splurge while in Maine}, Janie and Jack visor
Jonas is wearing: Target pants, The North Face fleece, Target sunglasses

Footnote: We love sunny days, but we take care of that sensitive baby skin. When Jess wasn't getting her photo taken she had a sun hat on and all the kids wore sunscreen ;) Mama did too.