27 June 2012

i walk away.

Summer is meant to be filled with laughter, bright colors and melting popsicles. Chasing ice cream trucks barefoot down warm roads. Reading late into the night to the sounds of crickets and the buzz of cars. Skin that has been kissed but a hot sun and hair that has a sweet salty smell. Summer is meant to be spent dancing in the grass. Catching fireflies and watching them fly home. Camping out in a backyard that is dusted with midnight stars. On this summer day, I walk away to enjoy these activities with my children and family. I'll be back in a week or so, and may even post once or twice. But most likely I'll be dancing to music on the grass and running like a child after those fireflies.

Enjoy the next days of summer!

26 June 2012

celebrating five.

josh bday
josh bday2
josh bday4
josh bday6
josh bday10
josh bday11
josh bday5
josh bday8
josh bday9
josh bday3
josh sill
josh bday7
There is something magical about a child's birthday. The days of excitement that lead to the actual day. Waking before sunrise to discover a room filled with balloons and streamers, a new tradition that will continue for many years. Blowing out the first candle over homemade blueberry pancakes topped with local maple syrup and a side of chocolate milk. Because that's what you requested. Enjoying special moments with dad before he leaves for work. Opening those presents he picked out with you in mind. A rocket that will carry your thoughts and dreams to the moon and bring many laughs shared between boys. There is something magical that we shared on your day. Setting aside our chores and to do's to focus on you and make your day as special as you are. We all ran around like children on a hot summer night. We swam until our eyes felt droopy and had a slight sting from the chlorine. And when it was time for bed we piled together and read books until sleep walked our way. Celebrating any birthday is special, but celebrating five with you, Joshua, was pretty amazing. Thank you for giving that gift to me.

21 June 2012

we play with our hearts.










watching the ball as he scores a goal

On Saturday mornings there is a hustle and hurry around our home. When the word soccer is mentioned everyone seems to fill with excitement. For the game, for running around with a summer sun and for the hope of possibly scoring a goal this time. As the boys rise, they slowly put on their mesh shirts and pull up their tall socks. They stretch their arms and wipe the sleep from their eyes. And then, as if the morning has jumped into their hands, they run down the stairs and out the door. And as they run around on that soccer field they smile and laugh because they know the game is about having fun. These boys, they play with their hearts.

On Sunday, Jon and I both participated in the Canton Marathon. Jon ran the 10K (and came in third for his age group...way to go) and I ran the 1/2 marathon. Although I was under prepared for this race (I only got in two long runs in preparation) I would say I ran with my heart. And it is that motivation that carried me across the finish line. I'm very happy with my time, but next year I'll train a little harder so I'm prepared for those rolling hills ;)

20 June 2012

five and counting.




Today you turn five. Slowly, you smile and time unfolds her arms. While I can't believe the year of five is here, it is just the beginning. The steps that will lead you down a path towards boyhood. Where you will grow inside and out until you become the person you are meant to be. The person who I will always love. Who I will always tuck into bed and know that I am blessed. The person whose hand I will always hold and who I will always walk by in life. I will never run ahead or let you fall behind. I will carry you when you need a mother's wing, but sometimes I may let you fall. So you can pick yourself up and continue on your journey in life. I will always be there, watching and love you.

May you have endless dreams that carry you to this future.
May you forever be lost in youth.

Happy Birthday Joshua.
I love you with my heart and soul.

16 June 2012

fashion fail.

fashion2 copy


It is officially confirmed. I am not a fashion blogger and I have failed at my somewhat attempt to be one. This is the second (very late) post in my "One Accessory, Five Outfits" series and I think it's time to rename it "One Accessory, Two Outfits." That's right friends, I tried and failed at this new feature. In fact, I've already worn this awesome bag from the Modern Kiddo giveaway several times and I always forget to snap photos. I quickly shot these in our front yard with my little helper Jessica before I left for dinner with Jon. The truth is, I enjoy fashion, but while I love to put on a feminine skirt and high heels I am just as happy in my torn jeans and old Patagonia fleece. And as for photographing these outfits? I think I'll save that energy for my creative side. I would rather put my focus on improving my writing and photography skills.

That being said, I feel like I did capture a decent self portrait from this quick photo shoot. It also gave me the idea to capture more portraits. Family, friends and even strangers. Perhaps this self challenge could even develop into a new adventure taken with other bloggers. Thoughts, ideas? Count me in if you have them.

self portrait

Tomorrow I will welcome the morning with a stretch of my mind and a stride in my run. We are running the Canton Half Marathon and I hopefully will be finishing just as you are rising. Good luck to all participants involved!

14 June 2012

to the library we go.


We have a love for books in this house. They are scattered throughout our home. Stacked in corners and bookshelves. Piled upon the floor. Sometimes they are pushed to the side with a running foot as it passes leaving a muffled sound as it travels across the wood. They make their way to bags, become lost in cars and sometimes they fall behind beds waiting to be found. They lay on the couch and in a crib with a child's hand gently grasping the back cover.

They are ripped, torn and over time become very worn. Some become memorized while others are tossed aside. But always, there are books in this home. And if we can't find what we are looking for to the library we go! In fact, every wednesday we go.

13 June 2012

p is for picnic.

Sometimes, you just need to walk away. Walk away from the dirty dishes and piles of laundry. From the meaningless problems in life that cause too much stress. Walk away and gather your thoughts. Spend time with your children and perhaps throw a frisbee into the wind. Take off your shoes and walk in the grass. Feel the blades softly touch your toes and tickle the sole of your foot. Sometimes you need to remember to laugh, you will always remember to just breath, but don't ever forget to laugh.

Our Tuesday was spent outdoors with a summer sun. In the park under the shade with our soccer ball and frisbee. We packed up a picnic and took a stroll down the street. And when I got home I had forgotten there were dishes in the (bathroom) sink and laundry piled to the moon. But at the end of day, those tiresome chores didn't matter. I spent my day with the ones I loved and most importantly, I laughed.

12 June 2012

and so she ran.


There are many joys in life, but lazy Sundays will always be at the top of my list. Mornings when the kitchen is gently touched with the scent of cooking crepes and the sweetness of fresh strawberry jam. Mornings where I find happiness sitting in the backyard with my coffee while listening to the children play. We ate breakfast outside, under a canopy of trees and covered in shade. Afterwards we laid in the grass telling stories of our dreams. We glanced up to the cloud filled sky and searched for animals and creatures to add to our stories.

Sundays in our house are also for family and good food. This past sunday we celebrated my aunt's 84th birthday over at my parent's house. While my dad prepared the food the children played. Their yard is filled with nooks and crannies where little ones can get lost and wonder away into their imagination. The boys took their imagination and ran wild. Jessica, on the other hand, remained reserved and cautious. She slowly explored the flower beds and the rolling hill that led to the edge of the woods.

At the end of the night, as the boys made their final lap around the house, she tossed her reservations aside and watched them fade into the distance. She glanced backwards, as if to get my approval, and as she turned she ran. Her feet carried her across the green grass and her laughter could be heard from inside. And so she ran on this lazy Sunday.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and that your sunday was just as lazy!