29 September 2012

soccer saturdays.

soccer 7
soccer 5
soccer 2
soccer 4
soccer 6
soccer 3
Our Saturday's of sleeping in, snuggled warm under a mountain of covers, and waking to a late breakfast are over. The mornings where the scent of pancakes and coffee linger up the stairs are behind us.

For now.

Soccer season is here and we rise early on these Saturdays. Those 8:30 games make our weekends feel like school days. Friday nights we head to bed a little bit earlier so we are ready to run as morning arrives. We run around our house hoping we will not be late. We run from our car to the field and then we run run run during the game. And when the game is over we run to the next field for another game.

I'm tired of running.
I'm ready to sit.
I ran three miles tonight. I feel good.
But now I'm ready to lay in bed with a good book. Or maybe even a movie.

27 September 2012

dancing with rain.

ballet 4
ballet 3
Today I woke to the sound of rain gently tapping against my window. A subtle knock upon my door, as if it were a returning friend. It has rained all week.

The boys were in school on this rainy cold morning. A morning where buses rush through puddles splashing cars as they pass. Where children's boots stomp down hallways and the bottom of pants are painted in a trim of wet rain.

We had music class today. Jessica's favorite activity of the week. Her time to dance and sing, whirl and twirl. Then we headed to ballet, skipping between raindrops as we hustled into the brick building. It was a special treat. A friend invited us to attend. Perhaps we will join the class next week.

When I was a child I loved the ballet. I did not dance for long, my body preferred the tumbling of gymnastics, but I loved ballet.

26 September 2012

peach green tea.

peach tea 2
Now that autumn has arrived the gardens are bare and empty. The cool winds have brought in the end of summer's season. The end of fresh heirloom tomoatoes, zucchinis and corn. Peach season is behind us, and with the last batch of peaches I purchased I could tell they were past their time. Naturally, wasting food isn't much of an option so I racked my brain on how I could use these peaches. I decided to make a batch of peach green tea, a perfect drink to sip on as fall makes it way into our homes.
peach tea 3
peach tea
Peach Green Tea
served hot or cold

4 or 5 peaches
about 6 cups of water
5 or 6 organic green tea bags

Wash and cut peaches into quarters
place in a medium saucepan over medium heat
simmer peaches for about 7 minutes
add the water and bring to a boil
once the water is boiling add the tea bags (I like to tie them together) and turn off the burner
allow the tea to steep for about 10 minutes
use a strainer to discard peaches, store in an airtight container


25 September 2012

september party.

party 11
party 10
party 9
party 7
party 8
party 5
party 6
party 4
party 3
party 2
On Sunday we had a little get together with friends and neighbors to celebrate our new home. The rain held off and we were blessed with a beautiful fall day. The perfect day for mingling with friends, having a football game in the backyard, jumping in jump houses, sipping old fashions, roasting s'mores and staying outside until dark has settled over the day. This was our Sunday.

I want to say that I feel so fortunate to have this new home. A new home that we can grow into and grow old in. A home that will hold many memories. Memories that we will make together as a family and with friends. On Sunday our friends came together to help us celebrate and I am overwhelmed by their generosity and kindness. I always knew this house was meant for our little family, but now I know we were meant to live in this neighborhood. Surrounded by so many kind people that I am honored to call my friends.

Unfortunately, I was under prepared and didn't snap as many photos of the set up as I would have liked. And as the night carried I become caught up talking with friends and didn't snap a single photo. Yes, I'm a little upset but at least I enjoyed the party. So many times I'm behind the camera and wonder if I missed something or someone. My friend Stephanie, who recently moved to Canton, snapped a few more. You can see them on her blog Adventures in Babywearing.

I also want to add that I saw several "S'more Stations" on pinterest and had to give it a whirl. It was definitely a hit, but very messy. I suggest adding a trash can and putting out baby wipes.

And, for you foodies out there here was our menu:
Roasted Rack of Lamb marinated in orange peel and rosemary served with mint jelly
Butternut Squash Soup topped with Roquefort
Spicy Tuna Rolls and Tuna Rolls
Hummus Platter
Mixed cheese and olive platter
Shaved Roast Beef served with horseradish sauce and sourdough bread
Mushroom Crestini's

And yes, I spelled butternut wrong on my chalkboard. Yes, I am an English Major who apparently can't spell ;)

22 September 2012

waiting for sun.

fall day
I wish that I could say this is today. The perfect fall sky filled with fluffy white clouds, a hint of fallen leaves dusting the roads and touches of golden yellows and reds peaking out from the green trees.

But this is not today. Today it is cold and rainy, the sky is filled with gray overcast clouds and the sun is nowhere in sight. But that's okay. We're waiting for the sun to come out tomorrow. Our little neighborhood get together has turned into a bit of a large fall party. I don't mind the fall cold, but please keep the rain away and please let that sun come out to say hello.

18 September 2012

under a canopy of trees.

forest a 7

forest a 18

forest a 2

forest a 16

forest a 19

forest a 15

forest a 20

forest a 14

forest a 21

forest a 11

There are days when the sun hides
behind translucent clouds
and white curtains of sky.

There are days when light
gently touches the forest floor
rays of yellow brush against dirt
beneath a canopy of trees.

We become lost in this world
untouched, forgotten
We explore and dream
under the darkness
tucked away tightly
like a swaddled newborn.

And we wait, for time to be reborn.

**I've been experimenting with under exposure and was looking forward to shooting the kids in a woodland scenery. I'm happy with the results. Dark and enchanted witha hint of light. This exercise has also helped with my understanding of light. Do you like photography? Do you have suggestions, especially when it comes to light?

I probably won't be around too much this week. It's busy as can be around here, but after Sunday our lives should get back to normal. We're hosting a little neighborhood get together, which means lots of work on the house. So for now, I'm off to touch up paint and rearrange furniture.

16 September 2012

watercolors on a sunday

watercolor 2
watercolor 4
On this Sunday the house is quiet, the windows are open wide to let the cool air fill our day and my coffee sits by my side. The kid's are watching their sunday show, a BBC dinosaur documentary for Jonas and a Discovery show on the planets for Joshua. I certainly can't complain about their choices. While the house is quiet I am enjoying the moment. Last night I finished a watercolor painting of a dreamcatcher for Jessica's room. I'm happy with the results, but decided to make a couple more and choose from the selections I created.

So, for now, it's watercolors on a sunday with open windows and hot coffee.
Happy Sunday!

14 September 2012

a walk in the woods, and some photos.


I just mentioned seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and today I felt it grow brighter. It's amazing how once your home comes together, once clutter is cleared, once objects are put away you seem to feel, well, lighter. Jon and I worked into the wee hours of the night (ok really just eleven because then we watched Breaking Bad)and accomplished so much.

Yesterday the children and I went for a walk in the woods. We explored behind our house and used it as an opportunity to shoot some photos. At our old home I wasn't the best about displaying family photos, so I would like to hang a few of my favorite in this home. We have a lovely entry was that is just calling to for two large prints. I was hoping I could get two from yesterday's shoot so I could order them in a 16 x 20. I am so happy with how they turned out! Be prepared for a huge photo post on monday! I may even take your vote on which two I should order.

Enjoy your weekend friends. I'm ready to be motivated! In fact, the kids are having a sleep over at my parent's tonight so I can work the night away.

13 September 2012


light 3
light 2
While I wish I could say I was feeling light these days, the truth is I'm feeling heavy and weighed down. Our deadline that I set here is slowly approaching, and I believe I saw some light at the end of the tunnel last night. The basement is coming together, my workspace is almost set up, the closets have been cleaned and we can actually park our cars in the garage. It has been five months since we moved and I am feeling this space become a home. Our home. And soon, very soon, I'll share this home with you ;)

Thank you for the feedback and comments on my thoughts with the photos. Also, I want to apologize for neglecting your comments, emails, and your blogs! I'm so focused on this deadline that I don't have much time for the internet these days.

Soon, I will catch up.
For those instagramers you can find my "shop our closet" here @shopyellowfinch

12 September 2012

more garden adventures.

garden 2
I posted the other day about my adventures in the garden. As autumn has been settling in I had to make one last trip to the garden. Since my sister and brother in law were in Ireland I couldn't let any food go to waste! Jonas and Joshua helped me gather and pick the few remaining items. Fresh beets, roma tomatoes, zucchini squash, cherry tomatoes and several varietals of peppers. Now it's time for me to get in the kitchen and get cooking. I'm thinking marinara, chocolate zucchini cake, zucchini fritters, cold tomato soup with a kalamata and feta (for Jon) compote, and possibly some canned peppers. I'll let you know how it goes!

As a random side note, I'm thinking about making the photos of my blog larger. I've been wanted to do this for awhile, but it will change the look of all past posts, which kinda bothers me. I'm thinking I need to just get over that and move forward. Thoughts? I've also been editing my photos less and and experimenting with under (and sometimes over) exposure. Again, thoughts? Any advice is always welcome ;)